Upcoming Poetry reading: January 26, 3-5 pm and Closing Event for Mary Burger


Click for the invitation June 9, 3-5 pm Opening  KimethaVANDERVEEN 

Event: The Disordered Seder: a paradoxical Passover/Last Supper poetry meal – April 14

Post Genre Lunch  inspired by RuthBOEREFIJN 2018

PsychoBOTANICA:  2017 – Visit the Biotic Portal

Conceptual Craft 2016: Sonja Hinrichsen, Liz Harvey, Citizen 108 (view on computer)

Unexpected Projects’ Show 2015

The Compost Cemetery Project 2012

Gifts of Love 2001 – 2011


Women in the Arts

Contact: 1695 18th Street  #411 SF CA 94107, 
@ Potrero Stage Art Building across from c2c project space 

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